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  1. Feb 1st 2011 I started taking better care of myself. 
    Okay, it may not be the exact moment I started, but it was the day I signed up with Medi Weight Loss and decided enough was enough.  
    I’m 27 years old as I write this and as of February 1st I weighed 174. Oh yea, I’m 5’2”! 

    At 8am yesterday I signed up, it was the typical first day at Medi, I filled out forms detailing my family history, reason for my visit and so on. Once finished I met with a nurse who weighed me in, took my before pictures, got my vitals and an EKG.

    After that I met with a nutritionists who went over the program thoroughly and answered any questions I had.  

    At that time I was given my prescription for the appetite suppressant that my fee’s cover and the vitamins I was to take, along with the schedule in which I was to take them.

    After that I met the Dr, who was also wonderful!

    Before I left I had my blood drawn and had my first set of B6 and B12 injections. I go for those twice a week, once mid-week and once on my check in days.

    I chose to wait and officially start the following day, after I was able to read over my food choices and shop.  
    Well today is that day. 
    I took my appetite suppressant this morning followed by my first batch of vitamins which included:  
    A calcium blend 
    Omega 3 
    I added gingko which I take every morning. 
    After that was taken I mixed a simple protein shake from a powder I had on hand which was approved for the plan…and tasted horrible.  
    For the record it wasn’t Medi’s whey protein, it was the Whole Foods generic vanilla, it’s good blended with something else, not just water.  
    Any how, I choked that down and then drank my first 16 ounces of water (I bumped it to 20) - you’re required to drink a gallon a day.  
    I dropped my daughter off at school and went to do some errands, lemme tell you…I felt good. Really good. 
    I’m sure part of it was first day happiness and optimism keeping me peppy, but I really think the suppressant worked and added just enough energy to my morning.  
    As I was out it became time to take my fat burner so I grabbed a Vitamin water zero and drank it down, which also counts as a water. So I had 2-3 down before 11, yay.  
    I got back to my house around noon and honestly wasn’t starving. I happily put things away and made food for my animals, versus rushing home to inhale whatever impulse junk food I bought while out.  
    After all that was done I made my first medi lunch, it included an entire can of tuna and one tablespoon of fat free mayo. I seasoned it up with a few spices (no salt) because I’m really not a fan of tuna…or meat for that matter. 
    I choked it down and felt truly satisfied (and happy to get it over with, ha.)  
    An hour or so after that it was time for another fat burner.  
    Another glass of water or two. 
    Then around 5 I really could feel the hunger. 
    On day one you only take one appetite suppressant, day 2 you take 2, day 3 you take 3 and from then on you take as needed. I can tell I’ll need 2 or 3.  
    I couldn’t wait to get back home to make my dinner, which was 2 entire chicken breasts, I chose to grill them, they were good, not my favorite marinade but the portion was satisfying. I also took the last fat burner, calcium and omega I need for today. 
    Next week I’ll get to do veggies, already can’t wait! 
    Right now it’s 10pm and I feel okay.  
    I had a sugar free jello today and 3 pieces of gum, I also licked a peanut butter spoon, and mixed 2 tablespoons of sugar free creamer into  coffee….all of which don’t count toward my 500-600 calorie allowance?!  
    Tomorrow I’ll upload a picture for ya, god knows I won’t want to remember this person I physically am so I better take as many pictures as possible before I block all the memories! 

    I owe Thomas a big thanks for introducing me to the program, I joined him on his journey on his first week of the program, it’s nice having a mini-mentor :P 

    569 calories. 

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