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  1. Hey there,

     I went this morning for my booster shot. I opted for both versus the single my plan covers and paid the $10.

    I’ve been a bit hungry today…a lot hungry at times.

    I’m trying to work through it and figure out if I’m truly hungry, or bored, or maybe just not used to not being full when I want to be.

    I dislike the feeling but more so dislike that I’ve allowed myself to get this heavy and have to put myself through this to get to where I need to be physically and mentally.

    I’m ready for this week to be over, haha.

    For breakfast we made the Orangesicle smoothie, Thomas made one too and we both poured them into our provided bottles, I could only finish 1/4 of mine because I can not get the PVC taste and smell out of my bottle! It gave me a quick headache so I gave up on it, unfortunately I had made it and we ran out the door to do errands…leaving me with no breakfast :( 

    On a side note, the smoothie recipe was epic, helloooo. It’s nice to have a plan that gives you recipes and choices you actually enjoy versus hate and force yourself to stick with. Not that the meat week isn’t rough on me :/

    But yea, the smoothie was yums and uber simple, I’ll give it out if ya need it. I’m ditching my cancer leeching bottle though, that thing is horrible. I hope others aren’t having the same issue with theirs.

    I drank my water and had a diet soda while out, took my vitamins on time and so on.

    I had 5 ounces of precooked grilled chicken and a dab of mustard (ew!) for lunch, it actually did help by taking the edge off.

    Tonight I had deli turkey for dinner…not a fan. I’m not big on meat and for sure not a fan of overly processed and chemical laden lunch meats but we were out and my dinner was at home…a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do :P

    I thought it would be weird eating just deli meat, and while it may of looked odd, it was fine, it filled me enough to again, take the edge off.

    Today was a 2 phende day, hopefully at 3 I’ll be able to ease through tomorrow with out feeling crummy.

    I look forward to this week, next week, next month and the rest of my life.

    I’m glad I made this choice, even if these moments are rough, they’re nothing compared to the rest of my life.

    I birthed a child for 24 hours, surely I can do this :)

    On a side note, a gallon of water a day isn’t so hard!

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