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  1. First I’ll start out by saying that I can’t believe it’s only day 3, for some reason time has really slowed down, what’s going on?

    With that out of the way, today = awesomesauce.

    I think even my post from yesterday seemed very clenched and wound tight, thank goodness today is better.

    I was really rushed today so instead of starting my day with water I did what old me did and poured a diet Mt Dew in my cup as I ran out the door. Maybe the caffeine boost along with the appetite suppressant did something magical, I know it did say to limit your caffeine intake as it can magnify certain medications effects, hrms.

    I made myself 1/3 cup of egg beaters and 4 turkey breast sausage links for breakfast, drank 2 - 20 ounce glasses of water with it.

    Of course I took all of my morning tablets with ease. I’m so glad I’m not one of those ones who can’t swallow pills, this program aint for ya if that’s you!

    Unless you wanna muddle it all down and mix it in with your shakes or food, yuck.

    I’ve both heard and read about people getting massive headaches the first week or so of the program, this made me very very nervous since I’m a life long sufferer of head aches and migraines.

    Knock on wood, thus far the only one I was hit with (more like a limp wristed slap) was the one from yesterday from the PVC-ish taste and smell of my cup. It came and went fast, thankfully. Now I’ll knock on wood (I really did) and say that I haven’t had my true typical head aches once thus far, granted it’s only day 3 BUT on top of changing my diet radically, I also cut my caffeine down, a ton. Today I’ve had 2 diet sodas, that’s down from about 5 a day and coffee :/

    As I write this I have some easy going tea brewing and 2 blackened fish fillets baking.

    Current mood: Happy.

    Calories for today: 555 (including the dinner I’m about to have)

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