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  1. Hey  there,

     Alright, day 4-7 are going to be updated back to back, I seemed to of slacked off on here longer than I though!

    Day 4 was interesting. It was the first sleep in day for me while on Medi and man, I dunno what happened. I’m not sure if it was the long period of sleep combined with no vitamins/meds and no water or what, but when I woke up it was all I could do to get out of bed.

    I was sweating horribly and really had very little strength. it was alarming really. Especially since my bedroom is on the second story…

    That was really the big thing of the day, I woke up and padded down stairs and just tried to rehydrate and rest for the remainder of the day.

    I did go over my calories that day, bringing my end count to 720’ish. Not cool. I was just thrown off and feeling so weird it was hard to use that strength and determination to stay focused. While I did go over my calories I didn’t eat an “illegal” food, I went over with nuts…cashews to be exact. We all know they’re higher in calories than other nuts, so it was easy to go over. blegh. 

    This was also the first day I checked ketones. I woke up early and actually went down stairs and got my strips (poor planning!) and tested, then went back to bed…writing of my wobbly legs to the fact that was half asleep.

    Any how, they tested as high as possible on the chart. But later in the day were fine. Who knows.

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