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  1. This is the day I woke up and said “Sweet mother of God, today is the last day of protein only!!!!”

    Happy daaaaaance!

    I went in for my first follow up, had my injections, was told what to add to my diet this week and so on.

    I weighed in at 169 (I’m going to copy my papers and upload them today so we can all see my stats as I go along)which is 4.5 pounds less than I was last week.

    Here’s where it gets hairy, all I think about it how much I’ve lost my first weeks on other programs, how the first week is 7 pounds and up usually.

    So I had a slight tinge of frustration for a second, then I reminded myself that I’m also smaller then I was when I started other programs and how weight comes off slower once you start working on it. Also, I was shocking my system with such a drastic diet change etc. So yea, 4.5 pounds, I’ll accept that.

    Today we went u-picking, nothing is greater to me then being out in the sunshine and earth and marveling at what nature can do. I’m beyond amazed as I wander through rows of bountiful crops all started from tiny seeds and nurtured to full growth, it’s seriously something that moves me so deeply, I have no idea why. 

    Any how, since it was my veggy day I decided to make a family trip of it and hit the farms. We had fun, got some yummy veggies, some vitamin D, and supported local farmers, nothing beats that :)

    Next week when I can add citrus we’re going to hit a citrus farm :D

    Today was also rough but only the second half. I had a meal in me and 3 of my 8 waters by the time we hit the fields, some where between there, grocery shopping and dinner I got very weak and weird feeling. I also got leg cramps for the very first time, and an eye twitch…sexy.

    I’m assuming this is from my low water intake and calorie count. I got home and drank drank drank and made my dinner. I noticed in the process of making dinner etc that when I would squat I received a shooting pain in my hip, inner hip area, I’m not sure if this is related or god forbid, another spot of arthritis sprouting up, today my calves are tight from all the cramps yesterday and my hips still sore.

    last night I found it hard to eat, even though my calories were low and I needed to eat, I was just not hungry…I crammed just to get over 500.

    I’m still having strong cravings that I need to talk myself out of. But I’m doing well.

    I’ve been making lunches and Valentines treats and not even licking a finger, scouts honor :)

    That’s all for today, tonight I’ll post my conclusion on day 8, thanks for following along!

    Calorie count: 513

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