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  1. Not a whole lot to say about day 8, so no, you’re not losing it, I did skip a day!

    Today was rough, again. I slept in…starting to see that that’s going to soon be a thing of the past. Woke up weak, again, binged, again.

    I can’t justify getting extra sleep with losing my self control and falling off the damn wagon every week. I’m frustrated and aggravated and stressed today.

    I cheated and ate 3 organic thin mint type cookies…while they were awesome, ha, they were so not worth this guilt. So, that’s the last of that.

    I found some really good recipes today and I look forward to try em, I have to remember, this isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle change, I’m not cheating any program or Dr, I’m cheating myself and my family!

    If I count those 3 cookies into my calorie count for the day, I’m at 605.

    I’m going to do a better post tomorrow, I just wanted to write this down so I would remember it and learn from it.

    Missed my booster today, going tomorrow…I’m not going to make slacking a normal thing for me, again!

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